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Bíonn Siúlach Scéalach

Gaelic proverb: "Travelers Have Tales to Tell"


SSATBB choir, a cappella

Commissioned for the Princeton HS Concert Choir (Princeton, MN); Mark Potvin, Director

Available through earthsongs choral music (S-373)

Bíonn Siúlach Scéalach tries to capture the exuberance and revelry of a great celebration.  At first, solo voices issue an invitation to the dance through a lyric melody, reminiscent of Celtic folksong.  Then, as if from a distance, a drum-like pulse emerges, calling other voices forth into the texture.  As the music builds in activity and complexity, shouts of “Sláinte!” and “Sláinte chugat!” resound like toasts at a great celebration. Sudden dynamic shifts, contrasting articulations, and shifting polymetric rhythms continue throughout the work, culminating in a dramatic homophonic blessing of “good health” to all.

Bionn Siulach Scealach - New Dublin Voices (April 2015)
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