Lie Light (SSA)

Robert Richardson (1850-1901), ad. by Mark Twain (1835-1910)

SSA choir and piano

Dedicated to the members of Ragazze (Hopewell Valley Central HS; Pennington, NJ)

Available through Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc. (SBMP 1327)

In August 1896, Mark Twain's oldest daughter Susy Clemens fell ill and passed away from spinal meningitis in, at the young age of 24.  Upon her headstone Twain placed the final lines of an adapted version of Australian Robert Richardson's poem "Annette."  With a dynamic piano accompaniment and long, intertwining and soaring lines, Lie Light is both a great teaching piece and heart-felt ode to our departed loved ones.

SBMP: "Moderate ranges and the lack of divisi make this clever piece suitable for many choirs. Unique in its style, it will add special intrigue and drama to a concert. One listener described it perfectly with a single word: 'cool.'"

Lie Light - 2015-16 HVCHS Ragazze
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