"I teach music and music education because I believe that music connects us to a shared human experience.  I also believe that music can be taught and learned by all, not just those with natural talent or a “good ear.”  Like in any other studied discipline, music education merely requires the successive, cumulative acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  Lastly, I believe that music connects us to the human experience because it is fundamental to our humanity.  It is an essential part of a well-balanced education, no more or no less important than any other discipline.  Music is unique, in that its ability to stand on its own as a form of artistic human expression is matched by its ability to enhance the acquisition of skills, knowledge, and dispositions in other aspects of life.  In this way, I believe music is the ultimate liberal art, and therefore enriches the human experience. "

Matthew Erpelding

Statement of Music Education Philosophy



Copyright M. Erpelding, 2020