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Matthew Erpelding (b. 1978)

SSAA choir and organ

Dedicated to Sandra Peter and the 1999-2000 Luther College Pike Kor (Decorah, IA)

Available through manuscript

Death is a shared part of the human experience, and yet it wholly surpasses our understanding.  Because it is such a great mystery, people across time and place have many different ways of describing, explaining, and coping with death, not the least of which is the commonly held belief of an afterlife.  Michael is written with the idea that heaven not only exists, but it is a place of eternal love and peace—a place where beings like the archangel Michael guide people when they die. 


A challenging, dramatic work for an advanced treble chorus and piano, Michael will bring you, your choir, and your audience on a complicated and poignant journey through grief, confusion, and ultimately, acceptance.  

Recording - Coming Soon!
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