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Bring Me My Shadow

Li Bai (701-762), ad. by M. Erpelding

SSA choir and piano

For the Haggard-Twogood Trust for their continued support of the arts in Algona IA

Available through Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc. (SBMP 1242)

Setting the ancient poetry of Li Bai, Bring Me My Shadow tells the story of a late night dance between the speaker, the Moon, and the speaker's Shadow.  Filled with whimsical text painting, fun-to-sing lines, and supported by a playful piano accompaniment, this piece is full of teachable moments and expressive possibilities.  

SBMP: I asked the bright Moon To bring me my Shadow and make us three. The whimsical sentiment of an ancient Chinese poem inspired this spirited piece. With melodic interest in all three parts, this will be a joy to sing.

Bring Me My Shadow - 2014-15 HVCHS Freshmen Women's Choir
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